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Louisahhh for ÂUGHT Magazine.

"There is a moment within a set, on a good night, where a feedback loop exists within the crowd and myself. It is entire presence, love, fearless connection. It requires a willing openness from the audience, and some vulnerability from me in order to be a channel for this. It feels dangerous and uncanny and bigger than the sum of its parts. Getting to feel that, to be part of it, on a fairly regular basis is the most exciting thing about this work for me."

Eric from OAKE for ÂUGHT Magazine.

"The best compliment that we’ve got after a gig was from a friend who said: “Your bass made me sick, I had to vomit, it was too much for me”. For me, the world opened up at that moment, when he said that. It was exactly what we wanted to do – to put people into uncomfortable places."

Shlømo for ÂUGHT Magazine.

"Life has a taste because you know that you will die one day, it makes you wake up and do things. If you are eternal you lose the sense of purpose."

Vessels for ÂUGHT Magazine

"When we write we’re apart and when we play live you feel that you’re coming out of your little world. The excitement is always much more tangible when there are other people to share your music with rather than just us scratching our chins critically."

Makornik for ÂUGHT Magazine

"It’s an underground dark kind of pit, a closed off space where the demons lurk. It has rave energy - very dark but powerful. The entire vibe is very grim, kind of angry but conscious. Red and black. I guess it’s like a beast. There’s an element of destruction in it but it’s controlled."

Boy Harsher for ÂUGHT Magazine

"There is something really beautiful in vulnerability. More and more it feels like fear fuels strength and tenderness is forgotten. When you come across those who are honest and kind and open it’s really something. I aspire to be true and vulnerable."